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If you've been looking for a way to improve your endurance—you found it!  


The Endurance Project focuses on the main monostructural metabolic conditioning exercises found in CrossFit: running, rowing, biking, and the SkiErg. After a few weeks of consistent training, you will see considerable improvement in your overall aerobic capacity. Want to improve your 500 meter row time? Your 1-mile run? How about the maximum number of calories you can accumulate in a minute? We have thousands of athletes, from beginners to advanced, who've followed our training programs to great success.

Let's be clear, though. You won't just feel better while running, rowing, or biking. Your endurance gains will undoubtedly benefit you during your barbell work, gymnastics, and every other aspect of your training. Further, your ability to recover from workout to workout will improve as your heart, lungs & muscles work more efficiently during and after training.

Improve your performance on the rower, bike, SkiErg, and as a runner, and overall athlete.

Learn to train with the right intensity and volume.

Improve your ability to pace different types of workouts.

Scale/modify the volume to your current abilities or available equipment. 

You’re never alone! Stay in touch 100% of the time with your coach through the app's chat.

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Convenient Workout Delivery Get your Endurance Project workouts delivered daily through the mobile and desktop friendly app. 

Convenient Workout Delivery Get your Endurance Project workouts delivered daily through the mobile and desktop friendly app. ssage through the app. You're never at this alone!

Stay Connected With Your Coach Have a question on a workout? Need guidance on a movement? Send your coach or team a message through the app. You're never at this alone!

Workout Notes, Training Videos, and Tips
I want you to get the most out of The Endurance Proje workouts. Therefore, I've tried to give you as much support as possible. You'll receive daily workout notes, training videos, and/or tips. 

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