Power: 10-Week Squat, Deadlift, & Press Strength Program

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The main goal of this 10-week program is to increase your squat, deadlift, and pressing strength. Pressing strength will mainly focus on the overhead press, but will also include other variations like the bench press. In simpler terms, the goal of this program is to get you strong!

This program is written with the CrossFit athlete in mind but is a great fit for any type of athlete. This is why the program emphasizes the overhead press over the bench, for example.

You can run this program as a stand-alone program, or alongside your functional fitness training.

  • For most of the 10 weeks, you'll be training 4x/week.
    • 2 Heavy Training Days (1 Lower, 1 Upper) + Accessory Work
    • 2 Speed-Focused Days (1 Lower, 1 Upper) + Accessory Work
  • On average you'll be:
    • Squatting 2-3x per week
    • Pulling/Deadlift Variation 2x per week
    • Pressing 2-3x per week
    • Core 1-2x per week

If you want to get better as a CrossFit athlete, get stronger! Everything else equal, a stronger athlete is a better athlete - and not just when it comes to lifting weights. Increased endurance, improved coordination, and a decreased risk of injury are just some of the additional benefits of getting stronger. 

Includes a downloadable spreadsheet of the full Power program for you to record your lifts. It will also autofill any percentage work for your convenience!

This is a digital download product.

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Matías Fagián
Simple and effective

The program revolves around the basic lifts (squats, push press and deadlift) plus a few variations and it's perfectly structured for both strenght and hypertrophy