Training Day Endurance Bundle

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The ultimate endurance bundle for the functional fitness athlete. 

This bundle includes 48 total weeks of varied endurance training:

1. Our best-selling "Engine Builder"
The Training Day 'Engine Builder' program is a 12-week program intended to improve your aerobic capacity by focusing on the three main monostructural metabolic conditioning exercises found in CrossFit: running, rowing & biking.

2. Engine Builder Volume 2
Volume 2 gives you another 12 weeks of proven training for your aerobic capacity. Like Volume 1, this program focuses on running, rowing, and biking. However, this program takes things to the next level. Make sure you've completed Volume 1 before starting Volume 2 (it's not an absolute must, but definitely suggested). 

3. Dominate the Row
The Training Day 'Dominate the Rower' program was specifically developed with one main goal—to make you a better rower. To do this, this 8-week program will target your cardiovascular and muscular systems in order to minimize oxygen consumption and delay muscle fatigue. 

4. CrossFit to Half-Marathon
This 12-week program is designed for beginner runners who want to prepare for their first 13.1-mile race. On average you'll be running four times a week.  

5. Engine Builder Base
A 4-week base-building endurance program focused on running, rowing, the bike, and the SkiErg. This program should be the first part of your endurance journey.

How to use the Training Day Endurance Bundle to create a full year of endurance training:
Weeks 1-4:
Engine Builder Base
Weeks 5-16:
Engine Builder Volume 1
Week 17:
Weeks 18-25:
Dominate the Row
Weeks 26-37:
Engine Builder Volume 2
Week 38:
Week 39-50:
CrossFit to Half-Marathon


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