DailyFit: 10-Week Functional Fitness Program

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Everything you need to be successful has been packed into this program - videos, coach's notes, daily accessory work, and more! 

This program is intended for individuals who need a structured functional fitness workout program that they can complete in under an hour each day. Each training day usually includes a prep, a main conditioning piece with coach's notes, and a bonus accessory component (strength, engine builder, weightlifting, gymnastics, and/or Functional Pump). 

Training Time: 5x a Week/1 Hour Per Day

Each Training Day Includes:

A Prep Section

This includes a warm-up and mobility piece focused on increasing your range of motion & prepping you for the upcoming workout.

A Main Conditioning WOD

Every training day you'll have an original high-intensity conditioning workout. Each workout will have a different stimulus, ranging from: short and long, light and heavy, high skilled and low skilled, and everything in-between. Our workouts are fun and effective—and of course, will fit perfectly into the overall training plan. Nothing is random.

A Bonus Accessory Component: Strength, Oly, Engine Builder, Gymnastics & Functional Pump

Each day you'll have the option to complete at least one accessory workout. Our goal is to provide you with a complete training program to improve your overall fitness. We'll leave no area untouched!

Coach's Notes
Each training day I'll give you tips on how to maximize your performance; that can include suggestions on how to pace the workout, tips on how to perform a movement, how you should feeling a certain section, how to scale movements, and more. These tips are a great tool to use in taking your fitness to the next level. 

Demo Videos
Every piece of training (whether it's the main conditioning piece, the prep, or the accessory work) in this 10-week program comes with a video link with the workout's movement demos. I added the part to make sure you're maximizing your training and doing the workout and movements as intended.

Sample Demo Video:

Customer Reviews

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Gabriel Gonzales

I love Daily Fit! I just completed Week 1 and feel a little sore but really good. It's a perfect blend of HIIT, Olympic Weightlifting, and Metabolic Conditioning. I highly recommend it.