Endurance Bundle #1: Engine Builder + Dominate the Rower

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Train your way to the new levels of endurance with Engine Builder Volume 1 & Dominate the Rower. In total, you'll have 20-weeks of training! Start with Engine Builder to build a solid base in all three domains (running, rowing, and biking) then focus on dominating the rower with 8 weeks of proven training.
About Engine Builder Volume 1
The Training Day 'Engine Builder' program is a 12-week program intended to improve your aerobic capacity by focusing on the three main monostructural metabolic conditioning exercises found in CrossFit: running, rowing & biking. Whether you choose to follow the program as-is or you modify it to your current abilities (I'll show you exactly how to modify the volume), you’ll still come out with an undeniably better ‘engine’ at the end of the 12 weeks than when you started. 

About Dominate the Rower

The Training Day 'Dominate the Rower' program was specifically developed with one main goal—to make you a better rower. To do this, this 8-week program will target your cardiovascular and muscular systems in order to minimize oxygen consumption and delay muscle fatigue. In short, you’ll develop both your strength and endurance on the rower, producing massive improvements to your efficiency—how to last longer and improve your average pace.