Engine Builder Base (A 4-Week Base-Building Program)

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A 4-week base-building endurance program focused on running, rowing, the bike, and the SkiErg. This program should be the first part of your endurance journey. Revisiting Engine Builder Base at least once a year is a great way to dial in your base endurance while prepping your body for the more intense parts of training to come. 

Program Highlights

  • Includes 3 different programs: Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner.
  • Includes daily videos on how to perform the workout and the intent of the workout.

 Program Benefits

Building a strong base is an essential part of any endurance program.

While the main focus of this program is to train your aerobic capacity, we will also improve other areas of your fitness.

  • Your efficiency during runs and machine-based workouts like the row and bike should increase greatly.
  • This program is structured so that over the four weeks, you slowly get comfortable with higher volumes of endurance training - both mentally and physically.
  • One of the greatest benefits of structured endurance training is an immense improvement in your ability to properly pace a workout. In fact, pacing is one of the most trained skills in this program. 

This is a digital download.