Dominate the Row: An 8-Week Program for Power, Speed & Endurance

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The Training Day 'Dominate the Rower' program was specifically developed with one main goal—to make you a better rower. To do this, this 8-week program will target your cardiovascular and muscular systems in order to minimize oxygen consumption and delay muscle fatigue. In short, you’ll have developed both your strength and endurance on the rower—you’ll gain massive improvements to your efficiency on the rower—how to last longer and improve your average pace. 

Program Highlights & Benefits
  • Includes 3 different programs: Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner.
  • Includes videos on how to perform specific workouts and how to set-up your rower for each workout.
  • After completing the program, your endurance gains will undoubtedly transfer over to your barbell work, gymnastics, and every other aspect of your training.
  • Your ability to recover from workout to workout will improve as your heart, lungs & muscles work more efficiently during and after training.
  • Rowing engages 86% of the muscles in your body! And according to a study by the English Institute of Sport, 30 minutes of rowing is as effective as 90 minutes of cycling when it comes to heart health.

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